Begining of Life

So you want to grow marijuana, you need to know all there is to know about marijuana seeds. Before purchasing your first gathering of marijuana seeds, please take note and always remember these basic things to ensure a successful marijuana grow. Cannabis seeds, medical marijuana seeds, premium marijuana seeds, the best marijuana seeds, these things will all be determined by you. The beautiful thing about starting from the beginning, is that you control every aspect of your grow from seed to shelf. This is our tip of the iceberg course on purchasing, and using high quality marijuana seeds.


“Basic Biology,” A seed is an unborn plant that is in its embryonic stage. Basically, all organic life on this earth has a way to reproduce, marijuana is no exception. Nature is an amazing thing, for a plant to produce a seed, the plants’ ovule (which is like an egg) must be fertilized by pollen (which is like sperm). Once the Ovule is fertilized by pollen, a seed is produced. Like any embryo, seeds contain an abundance of genetic material a.k.a. DNA. Amazingly, your gigantic marijuana plant will come from this little tiny seed. Just like any small child, what you feed them and how you take care of them will determine exactly what you get in the end.

Marijuana is a dioecious plant, simply meaning that the male and female plants’ are separate from each other. The female plant is what we have the MOST interest in because this is where we get the medical and recreational marijuana that you find in the dispensaries. In these plants’ you will find no seeds, but you will yield High potency marijuana flowers, you may here some veterans in the game label it SINSEMILLA.


What about male marijuana plants’? Most people believe that male plants’ are useless, and because of this they are discarded out of many gardens. The male plants’ primary use is pollination of the female plant, which produces the seeds, both male and female. Unless working with clones the male marijuana plant is essential for procreation of more plants’. This is a process that is generally left to breeders which is essential to the production of true, genuine organic marijuana seeds.

Surprisingly, many growers believe that male marijuana plants’ are useless, nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, the most utilize function of the male marijuana plant is for breeding seeds. As explained before the males are the source of pollination for the female plants’, and just like a father to a child. The males provide about half of the genetic makeup of the seed. This is why breeders should always look into the genetics of the male plants’, such as their shape, rate of growth, how they do against pest, are they mold resistant, are they resilient in whether, when properly sourced out these things can lead to a very strong male with very strong genetics, producing a very strong seed.

We decided to show the male plant a little love because it gets so little attention. Remember, this is more for breeders of seeds and mass producers of Oils, then this is for the grower of marijuana. A little known fact, the male plants’ can be psychoactive, but nowhere close to the potency of its female counterpart. The male plants’ produce a small amount of cannabinoids in the leaves and in the stems and the sacs, this can be extracted to help in the production of hash or other oils.

The male plant, like the female plant produces aromatic oils called terpenes, which are a key part of pest and disease control. Because of the production of terpenes in the male marijuana plant, you can place them in vegetable or flower gardens to greatly assist with pest control, and help enrich your garden’s soil. Marijuana plants’., Are plants’ with deep, deep roots with long taproots. These Roots dive deep into the ground and eliminate low soil quality, which allows for more healthy nutrients to infiltrate the soil.

Warning, if you ever make the choice to deal with male cannabis plants’ for gardening or any other reason, we must be vigilant and making sure that these plants’ are nowhere close to the female plants’ or they will pollinate


There is nothing more important, and also nothing more satisfying, then starting your grow with top-of-the-line genetics. Meticulously collecting high quality Cannabis seeds is almost the only true way to ensure that your grow is top-of-the-line, and that you will get the genetic that you are looking for. Not only will they provide you with the proper balance of THC and CBD, they will also give you the terpene balance that you are looking for.

Are your seeds light or dark? Are your seeds tough under pressure, or when you squeeze them, do they turn to dust? Do your seeds have tiger stripes? These are all good questions to ask yourself, and there are even more things for you to do, to be sure that you pick a genetically sound marijuana seed.

Healthy Cannabis seeds, will mostly have a darker color on the outer shell, sometimes they will have what appears to be tiger stripes on the outside of them, a gray or a black seed, these are good genetically sound seeds. Once you find these seeds, closely examine them for what will appear to be as a wax like coating on the shell, this is best done under a very bright light for reflection. Darker seeds, which are usually better quality, will feel very sturdy and tough to the touch.


take the single seed in your bare hands and place it between your thumb and your index finger and squeeze it, as if you were trying to disintegrate a hard crumb. If the seed can stand the pressure and does not disintegrate like that crumb, then it is probably worth planting. Bad seeds or aged seeds will crack under that pressure just like a hard crumb, these seeds are no good. Remember marijuana seeds are not like wine, They do not get better with time, and they are not worth the energy and effort to even attempt to grow.


This test is to be done when you are ready and planning to germinate the seeds Immediately afterwards. This test is extremely simple, and impossible to mess up. Depending on how many seeds you have, fill up a glass or a larger jar with spring or distilled water, drop your seeds in on the surface, and after about an hour and a half to two hours let’s see what happens.

Your seeds will literally sink or swim, meaning the seeds that swim (remain on top of the surface) are bad seeds and can be picked out and thrown away. However, the seeds that sank to the bottom, are most likely very healthy and should continue on their journey an be germinated. These seeds have taken on water, and this has alerted the seed that it is time to grow.


A good way to obtain high quality marijuana seeds is to find a reputable highly recommended seed bank (Like Seedsman). Reputable seed banks take pride in their breeding of seeds, they try to make sure that their customers receive exactly what has been listed. They live and die by their reputation and their rankings and remarks, so most seed banks try to deliver high quality seeds to further boost their image.

If you obtain seeds that you do not plan to use right away. You must be sure to properly store these seeds and a dark cold place, these seeds must be used within a year’s time For best results. Yes, some people do freeze their seeds if they think they will not use them within a year’s time.

There is nothing more important to seeds, then genetics, you don’t want a simply crossed female pollinated by a random male, and then you buy the resulting seeds. More than likely you will be disappointed. We want to deal with breeders who take their time genetically stabilizing the seeds with all of its original desirable traits, these are the best seeds to use, and the best seed banks to patronize. You may hear the term “inbred lines” or IBL’s, we are getting very deep At this point, for these are used by really dedicated breeders who have been at this for a very long time. These seeds produce very lovely plants’, with very minute differences


CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the major chemical components organically found in marijuana plants’. We love CBD because of its benefits and treatments of many symptoms and diseases and conditions. It has not always been this way, but it is becoming increasingly harder to find marijuana plants’ with high levels of CBD, this is because the other dominant component in most marijuana plants’ is THC, THC is what gives you that high that most people love. But properly grown clean marijuana should have the perfect combination of THC and CBD. The genetics through which THC is synthesized by the plant are different from those for CBD production. Marijuana use for the production of hemp is often selected for other reasons, like very low THC to stay in compliance with many drug-related laws.

Producing high quality marijuana that can be tested and produce decent levels of THC and CBD are in very high demand. Let us be clear, mainstream weed, found in most of your general dispensaries, is genetically bred to be so high in THC, that there are almost no traces of CBD in them. Yes, this marijuana will sale, and yes, this marijuana will get you the desired result of being high. Marijuana rich in THC and CBD is also in extreme high demand, and this can be found in your medical marijuana dispensaries. Marijuana rich in THC and CBD can be sold at a premium price.

My personal belief, the purposely genetic breeding of extremely high THC marijuana should not stop, but an equally amount of organically, perfectly balanced THC and CBD plants’ should be attacked with the same vigor in as many grows. This is a conundrum that every grower has to personally deal with himself, are you going to be mainstream (Jay-Z and Eminem), or will you be underground (Method Man, and Red Man)


what is germination? Germination is a process by which seeds become hydrated and the enzymes in them become activated and are now ready to grow. When you properly germinate a seed the beginning of a new root emerges from the shell, and it has the look of a sperm seed.

The paper towel method is tried and true, it’s simple and easy and mindless to do. Place your seeds on a damp paper towel, and then put another damp paper towel on top of that, and keep that on a warm surface. In a few days you should see a root coming through the shell, if after three days you don’t see a root coming through the shell, drop that bad boy in the water for at least a day or two. This will make the shell softer, in turn, making it much easier for the root to come through. Now it is time to put these seeds in the dirt, we are on our way.

The Police


Marijuana is federally illegal, so the seeds are illegal as well right? Not so fast my marijuana mate, for if you live in a state that has either legalized recreational weed or medical marijuana, there is a strong possibility that you will be able to purchase seeds with no issues. It is on you to check your city and state for their laws concerning possession of marijuana plants’ and possession of marijuana seeds. We will provide a link below that will allow you to easily check every states rules and regulations.

Now we are ready. On your Mark, get set, lets grow!!!