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Vegan by definition is
1. a person who does not eat or use animal products.
“I’m a strict vegan”
1. using or containing no animal products.
“a vegan diet”
Organic by definition is
1. relating to or derived from living matter.
“organic soils”
synonyms: living, live, animate, biological, natural;
“organic matter”
2. (of food or farming methods) produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents.
synonyms: pesticide-free, additive-free, chemical-free, nonchemical, natural
“organic vegetables”
So, how do we grow Vegan marijuana, How do we grow Organic marijuana? Let’s take this journey together.


Going Vegan Organically

There is nothing that you can do in a bottle, that organically, naturally, we can’t get done and most likely get a better result. We can surely get a better yield, flavor, and cannabinoid from growing Vegan (Organic), rather than pumping and dumping chemicals.
If you’re going Vegan in your life, surprisingly your food and beverage budget is going to skyrocket, as backward as that is, it is the cost of going vegan. If you shop at whole foods, then you know that organic food, even though less work to produce, cost more (Go figure). The first thing that I would like to do is put your mind at ease, because we are going vegan/organic with our grow, you have much less to purchase then our counterparts who practice cannabis by steroids, so we are going to spend significantly less. Leave it to the cannabis community to make things right with the world (Smiley Face).
Our steps will be very simple and extremely flexible, think of vegan growing more in terms of perfecting the spectrum. Today, no regulations exist as to what actually qualifies as vegan or organic farming, however, by definition, we present our interpretation. While this may be a point of contention with massive growers, AKA professional growers or industry growers, for simple individuals like you and me, it just comes down to choice.


Growing Vegan Organically

We talked about soil extensively in the posts labeled, “what is the best soil for growing marijuana.” So, we are aware that an all naturally amended soil is one of the most important first steps that can be taken in creating a healthy, sustainable grow. While there are many people and professionals who build their own clean and sustainable vegan/organic potting soil, we also provided you with a few options that come ready right out of the bag. This base is crucial for creating what we call a viable food web for the microorganisms that will help keep our plants stacked with tons of available organic/vegan nutrients.
Just a brief overview of things that of vegan/organic soil must include: compos, pumice, Pete Moss, bat guano, kelp meal, fish emulsion, perlite, earthworm castings, and a few other things. Everything previously listed, each serves its own specific purpose in helping foster the perfect environment for the microorganisms to flourish.
If we decide to build organic soil ourselves, we must acquire all of the ingredients individually and mix them to our preference. For the beginners this is a very tall task, so we suggest premixed organic soils that can be found in most hydroponic retailers who carry potting soil. The soil will be premixed by professionals and should require no maintenance besides the proper amount of watering. We learned about pH balance in the aforementioned post above, these soils will have no need for pH adjustments, they will supply the nutrients to our flowers without any need for additives, and are packed with beneficial microorganisms that help to stop spider mites and other critter damage.


1st Steps after Germination

Every marijuana seed has the God-given potential to grow into a fabulous flower. Your germinated marijuana seed has a root, a stem, and enough nutrients for it to survive the beginning of its lifecycle. Our job is to prepare our baby to be transplanted for the next step of growth. You learned how to germinate A seed in the aforementioned post above. So what do we do with it immediately after germination?
First, we obtain a small pot to place our germinated seeds in, some people use colored solo drinking cups in the beginning. What we never ever do, is place our germinated seed into a large pot filled with soil, that would be like trying to feed a newborn a T-bone steak. The freshly germinated seed already has just about everything it needs to sustain the beginning of its life. I prefer to use a small pot -vs- a solo cup but to each his own. We take this small pot and we fill it about 3/4 with our organic soil, and then we take an ink pen, or a pencil, and we make about a half-inch hole into the middle of the soil, and we drop in our freshly germinated seed. We only fill our small pot up about three-quarters full, because we are leaving room to add more soil. After placing our freshly germinated seed into the soil, we gently cover it up with that same soil, we are very careful not to compact the soil around the seed, because the seed needs unrestricted room to grow.
Note to beginners, we want to be sure and use our store-bought organic dirt because it has just the right mixture, as you grow in growing, you will learn how to make your own seedling soil. Well, what is seedling soil? And why do I need it? Great questions! A freshly germinated seed actually already has its own self-contained nutrient level that is perfect for its contents, so because of this, many old-timers use a soil with fewer nutrients to start. This is why we do not place our freshly germinated seeds into a large pot, because they can suffer from what is call nutrient burn, where they are just overrun with an abundance of nutrients. Although this may sound good or harmless, it is very bad for our plant


Give your child room to Grow

Each individual seed should have its own individual pot, because just like individual children, even if they are the same, they are somehow different. We must be careful not to overfeed (water) the plant, but it is extremely important that the baby has plenty of water and that we keep the soil moist, this makes it easier for the seedling to break through. If you don’t give the seedling enough water in the beginning, you will stunt its growth. As stated before we must be careful not to over water, our plants. If you are overwatering, your plant will look tired, heavy, and overburdened. Immediately your leaves will look weak and will wither instead of flourishing, it will look sick, and is left wide open for diseases and other bacteria that we don’t want. We suggest using a water sprayer in the beginning, some people use them throughout. A water sprayer is very light on the plant and on the soil, whereas if you use any type of pouring system, you run the risk of compacting or damaging your freshly germinated seed. Spraying the plant in the soil once earlier in the day, and once later in the day will be more than enough to properly take care of your baby.
We must provide our fabulous flower with the most optimal growing conditions to ensure that we have a successful vegan grow. Having the right spectrum of light in the beginning, having the perfect temperature and humidity settings, making sure that we have proper ventilation and great airflow, these are things that are indispensable in our efforts. Everything just discussed, is why I and many other organic/vegan growers prefer to grow outdoors, you cannot beat the creator of all living things. Of course, the creators’ soil has the perfect pH balance an all other things discussed above, which makes it the most simple and prudent way to grow.
I am based out of Detroit Michigan, so I do realize that many times we have no choice but to grow indoors. We have to choose lights with the broadest possible light spectrum, that won’t burn up our plants with their heat index, even though you can usually offset older lights heat index by properly ventilating and maintaining a temperature in your grow space. Because we’re keeping our grow vegan/organic, all we have to worry about is building the best environment that is most conducive to the prosperous life of our plant. We must have the proper soil, the proper lights, the proper ventilation, and the proper temperatures, we must have everything that we need working in tandem together so that we can achieve homeostasis (the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes)


One to Grow on

How do we properly feed our perfectly vegan marijuana baby? This is done as easily as finding the right water, not your tap water, but the right water. Your tap water has fluoride and other chemicals that really work against our fabulous flower, and that will kill the good bacteria in our soil, so we must be vigilant in using the proper water. Learn what the best water is for our Marijuana plants, in the post “What is the Best water for growing marijuana.”
If you are ever caught in an emergency, and you just have to use tap water, you should be able to find organic soil amendments or supplements at the same hydroponic shop where we purchased our soil, but If we properly take care of our plant, by using the correct soil, by using the correct lights, by using the correct water, we will not need any supplements.
Yes, some organic supplements such as aerated compost teas, and mycorrhizal fungi, can assist us greatly by reintroducing living microorganisms to the soil, in turn helping to fight off pathogens and other harmful things in our soil, and replenishing nutrients and other things necessary to grow. These supplements have the power to vastly increase nutrient and water intake to our precious roots, but if we use the proper water, we never have to worry about this situation. Many vegan growers may use a sprinkle of dry organic fertilizer, which contains a single source fungi, if you do this at the beginning of your grow, this would be the only thing that I would say could be helpful in getting our flower prosperously through vegetation and bloom.
We have set the foundation for a prosperous vegan grow, and now we must love on and pay close attention to our babies so that they will grow big and strong and make us proud.

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