Growing Marijuana, Cannabis, Hemp, These are the flowers that keep on giving. Organic, and or Vegan Marijuana can not only heal and build your body, but it can also heal and build your wallet. A simple investment of as small as $10.00 could change one’s life forever. In this site, we will learn how to grow marijuana properly.

Marijuana and Money

From Seed to Shelf

Marijuana is quickly becoming legal one way or another in just about every state, whether it’s medical or recreational it’s already here or it’s coming very quickly. You can click this link and find out what your states Marijuana practices and policies are, but more importantly, you can see your states laws governing marijuana, and growing marijuana.

One plant when properly maintained and loved can YEILD a pound or even a little more. This, like the flower, is amazing. You can buy a baby plant from a licensed grower for sometimes as little as 10$, the biggest pot that you will need should be at least 15 gallons in size with a cost of 5 to 8 dollars. Now we need soil, you can pick up a bag of soil for anywhere between $3.50 to 20 dollars. If you’re growing outside and you don’t have any extras, bells or whistles, you’re still set up to make a wonderful profit.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, you can grow outside, indoors, in a greenhouse, in a raised box, hydroponically, many ways and places. Every one of these situations requires a different set of situations to make the plants prosperous and to make you profitable. If you choose to grow outside, you’ve chosen to partner up with God, you have a great partner, and He will take care of Soooo many of the little things for you.

Any Indoor grows will require a tad bit more equipment and supplies. Choosing to grow indoors WILL require significantly more individual work. Outside your partner will take care of spider mites and any other bugs and or enemies of the flower, indoors these responsibilities fall directly on YOU. Hydroponic grows can be very challenging but also very rewarding.

Like anything else, experience is a great teacher, but if you stay with us, we will make sure that your first is not your worst.

Plant the Seed

There are many ways to start a Marijuana grow. Many people like to literary go from seed to shelf, and so many start by CAREFULLY picking seeds and growing from the Adam and Eve (The beginning), Who has seeds, how do I pick the best seeds, how many seeds do I need? As also mentioned before, you can purchase clones from licensed growers sometimes for as little as $10.00. What are Clones? What are babies? what are teenagers and what is the difference? We will fully answer all of these questions for you, and we will break everything down to a kindergarten level for understanding.

Many people like to literary go from seed to shelf, and so many start by CAREFULLY picking seeds and growing from the very beginning.  One of the most popular places to buy seeds, and also a great source of information is

  • High Times the magazine ( A few other places to buy quality seeds are
  • Barney’s Farm (
  • Southern Humboldt seed collective (
  • Exoticgenetix (, and a few more.

There is a very particular science to picking quality seeds, what strain are you choosing to grow, and what’s the breeder’s history? We don’t want “Unstable Genetics” (We don’t really know what strain this seed is). Do we want Regular Seeds, which you will have to “Sex Out” during the flowering stage.  Feminized Seeds, that will allow us to just plant and know that we are only dealing with female Bud producing plants. AutoFlower Seeds (Cruse control), these seeds do many things automatically, like change from the Vegetative state to Flowering with age, not the changing of the light or Sun cycle. All of these seeds have there pros and cons, and all depend on the caretaker and preference.

There’s a method to the madness of picking clones, what strain are we using? You want to be sure to check the roots, we’re looking for vibrant white roots that are shooting from the medium, reaching for water and nutrients visibly begging to get bigger and stronger you should handpick your clones if possible (which is the best way). This way you will be able to see the length and the strength of your roots. We don’t want roots that look brown and inactive, brown roots want to sleep and slumber, White roots are eager to grow. Many retailers will try to sell you a clone that is already in a plastic or paper cup, which makes an inspection of the roots much more difficult. Any true grower in any true connoisseur of the plant will fully understand that you want to check out the strength and the length of the roots of your clone.

Now we must also check the plant for general health. How do the leaf tips look? Do they have the look of a thriving growing plant? Do they look bright green? active? Don’t mistake a plant begging for more nitro as an unhealthy plant, it is actually the complete opposite. If you see a plant with slight yellowing of the leaves but everything else looks good, that’s a child begging for more to grow on. No powdery mildew, this alone can destroy your entire crop. You must trust your eyesight, you want to inspect the plant for its general look it’s the look of strands and of strength. How is it supporting what is already grown and you want to make sure there is no powdery white substance on the plant at all. This is mildew, as stated before mildew can get in and ruin a crop and destroy your entire situation. You must be very mindful of this.

light life

One to Grow On


Natural light might appear to be white to us (Lightbulbs are white), it is actually made up of many colors. To test this theory, one simply needs to put light through a prism, or capture a rainbow. Showing light through that prism you can see all the individual colors that makeup what we perceive to be regular light. Based upon the available spectrum s of light is how our Marijuana plants decide to grow. Outdoors, Sunlight can’t be changed and the sun will always produce the perfect potion of light. Indoors, we have just about complete control of the spectrum since we are using grow lights. There is no BEST light spectrum for optimal marijuana growth, but with the right knowledge, you can pick what is optimal for you and your grow room situation.

Cannabis is a photoperiodic plant, in its natural state it responds to seasonal changes in light. When days grow shorter its growth time is just about over and time for the plant to go into flowering. In the wild, this is a different but beautiful time because the male plants then release pollen and pollinate the female plants guaranteeing that another plant will follow which allows for the circle of life. When growing professionally, this is our time to manually change over to the flowering stage.

No Sun, No life, this applies to everything. If you take the Sun away all life will cease to exist on the planet. Plants MUST have light to survive and to time their life cycles. Light is the key to photosynthesis, which is what just about all plants rely on to grow and develop healthy roots and foliage, and in our case, big healthy juicy looking flavor-filled buds.

Photosynthesis, as defined by Google, is the process by which green plants and some other organisms use sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water. Photosynthesis in plants generally involves the green pigment chlorophyll and generates oxygen as a byproduct. Our focus will be on oxygenic photosynthesis, that gives our plants the breath of life.

During photosynthesis, cannabis plants absorb carbon dioxide and light. The light is processed by plants into energy or carbohydrates for growth of the plant which promotes the release of oxygen from the plant. Cannabis plants contain chlorophyll (which traps blue and red spectrum light), this is what gives them there green pigmentation which is how marijuana plants use there leaves like solar panels to gather light and convert it into food (energy).

When we grow indoors, we must do the best that we can to mimic the Sun. The light cycle is a very important factor, the Day (lighted) length dictates plant development, and is the biggest factor affecting the harvest. When growing inside, we have a plethora of lights to pick from. Picking the right light is extremely important, it’s not just the Quality of the lights but the length that they will be exposed to the light.

You can acquire quality grow lights covering all spectrums needed from beginning to end at

  • BESTVA ( )
  • King Plus ( )
  • Advanced Platinum Series (
  • Morsen ( ) and many more.

You can’t beat Mother Nature. Outside is a miracle, God takes care of the bugs and God grants us the most perfect light, we just have to control how long and when do we make the changes. In this site you will learn all about the light spectrum, and what lights are best for what plants.

We will also learn that DARKNESS is just as crucial as the light

outside grow 1

So Fresh and So Clean

There are pros and cons to whatever grows that you decide to go with. In the beginning, I am of the belief that going outdoors is the easiest and best thing for you the beginner and the flower. The worst thing in the world is ruined flower, and flower can easily be ruined if we are not very careful and meticulous. The risk of things going wrong increase when you grow indoors because you must control everything. There are many things that we MUST lookout for while caring for our flowers, and when you grow outside, your partner (GOD) helps to take care of a lot of unseen dangers.

Dream Killers are,

  • Spider mites
  • mildew
  • over feeding
  • over watering
  • bad water
  • bad or insufficient lighting
  • poorly put together grow room.

We must be very vigilant to steer clear of these things. We must take care of our plants almost like we take care of children, they really do need that much love.

We wouldn’t feed our children a bunch of unnecessary drugs, any responsible parent wouldn’t pump their kids full of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs. One, this is very unnecessary, and just like in sports your looking for a shortcut and you are attempting to cheat and or circumvent the rules. There is absolutely nothing better than clean marijuana, grown free of performance-enhancing drugs. You can take the best “Pumped up” marijuana and put it next to clean organically grown marijuana and the difference will be crystal clear, visually and physically.

Every time you go to the grocery store, everybody is trying to avoid GMO’s and additives and preservatives, and processed foods, so why would you want any of these things transferred directly into your system. Clean marijuana is just flat out BETTER for you, and will medically do more for you when grown clean. We don’t believe in drugs or any non-organic additives.

We say that marijuana is a perfect plant. Why do we say this? because properly grown clean marijuana has a perfect balance (no matter what the strain), of Tetrahydrocannabinol “THC” (The Psychoactive compound that produces the plants famous high), and cannabidiol “CBD” ( The compound that gives all kinds of wonderful medical and clinical benefits). Most non-organic weed contains very high (genetically bread) levels of THC 18 to 35% but they contain very low (Trace amounts) to no existent levels of CBD. Breeding for more powerful marijuana has led many growers to knowingly and some unknowingly to the virtual absence of CBD. CBD is prominently important for the true marijuana connoisseur.

We will show you how to grow a fully organic vegan strain of properly balanced and potently beneficial marijuana. Most of today’s’ marijuana is contaminated with fungi, pesticides and heavy metals. Our finish product will be “white glove clean,” no pesticides no fungi, no preservatives or additives.

small weight

Put it On The Shelf

Once we have accomplished the feat of producing clean organic vegan marijuana, we can sit back and watch the miracles continue to happen. Once harvest we will see the marijuana miracle, and we should also see the miracle of the money that will come.

You have a unique, clean, potent product, which we WANT to be tested. As discussed before, our product stands out because it’s so fresh and so clean. Free from all the things that would prohibit the miracle flower from performing to its’ fullest miracle potential.

Your marijuana has the PERFECT mix of THC and CBD, depending on the strain, your weed combats Epilepsy and seizure disorders, pain and inflammation, PTSD and anxiety, multiple sclerosis, and opioid withdrawal. Those are the benefits of the CBD, but because our weed is organic and clean, it also has the perfect amount of THC. This means that our weed also helps with relieving nausea, appetite loss, insomnia, among other symptoms. This natural clean vegan balanced mixture of THC & CBD gives you the best symptom relief as they work together perfectly.

All these things considered, This will allow us to sell our miracle flower for past premium prices. You will also be blessing the market by keeping it pure. Clean Cannabis can change the world.

Now, on your mark, …. get set…….. LET’S GROW!!!!

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